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Every adventure comes to an end

07.12.11, 18:22 (comments: 0)

So I have now finished my time as an Erasmus student in Lithuania! The past few months have provided me with such a fantastic opportunity to see some of Northern Europe and experience the culture and traditions of the people who live here and the rich historical background of the Baltic Sea.
I have tasted some strange and wonderful foods, such as the filling dumplings and the sweet pastries to the cold beetroot soup. I even had the opportunity to collect my own mushrooms - something very unusual and the perfect experience for an English city person where there is very little nature left to enjoy. Studying was also very different for me here and personally, it provided me with the perfect environment to complete work and I have never done so well academically in my life! This is most likely down to the high standards of teaching at Klaipeda University, combined with cold weather which is very encouraging to stay indoors and study with hot chocolate in my very warm comfy apartment :)

Luckily enough, Klaipeda was decorated with beautiful Christmas lights and a very big tree a few days before I left so we saw a fantastic firework show and saw the streets filled with excited Christmas shoppers and even saw a Santa Claus and a group of carol singers in the Old Town.

I was afraid I wouldn't see any snow before leaving Lithuania but thankfully, there was a weather miracle and it snowed on the very last day when I was waiting for the bus to leave with my very good friend Carla (from Spain!).

I met a lot of great people during my study period in Klaipeda and made valuable connections all over the world - a huge benefit of Erasmus. I also had the opportunity to see other areas of North Europe and I am now in Poland en-route home, visiting a friend I met during my first Erasmus year in Portugal. 

I have one more adventure ahead of me in Porto in the North of Portugal to carry out my thesis titled 'The combined impacts of invasion and climate change on coastal ecosystem functioning'. This will be a very demanding project so I will spend the next few weeks reading lots of articles to prepare. 

I hope these notes have provided an insight into my study program and that I have given a good impression of my course because I would recommend it to any student interested in marine science and conservation. It has been a brilliant journey so far!!

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