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21.11.11, 13:39 (comments: 0)

In just one hour and we will be home, well -to be more exact- in the lab. We are bringing in the all the jars, equipment and other stuff into the lab after using them in our field work.

                Masters student Renalda is already waiting for us. She takes the water samples preserved in Nancen bottles, mixes the water to make it homogenous and pours it into sediment tubes. Now she will wait for 240 minutes to see how different particles are settling.  She also filters the water for C/N and chlorophyll analysis. 

Jolita, Mindaugas and Tomas go directly to the place where they are keeping incubation jars to simulate the dark/light environment conditions and to evaluate the biogeochemical cycles occurring within them. After a few hours we all are in the lab: I am doing the titration of dissolved oxygen, Renalda is taking care of her experiment, Mindaugas is doing the oxygen profiling of the sediment using microelectrodes, Tomas is dividing sediment core samples in fixed size samples and Jolita is preparing samples for phosphorus analysis. 

The singer on the radio is happily singing, unlike us at this point! Some of us try to make jokes and actually, it helps… It is already few hours after midnight and we are still laughing. This is what the team is all about :)

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