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r/v Oceania at Spitsbergen - Blog

1107/2011 (comments: 0)

It's already one month!

Today it's been a month since the cruise began. Our friend has birthday, so we have two opportunities to celebrate and can't wait for a cake. Everything is going well. The weather is better, so our CTD measurements are much efficient. We only had to change cable in one set of temperature sensors to make them work properly.

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0807/2011 (comments: 0)

Searching the moorings...

After one day in Longyearbyen we continued our expedition to Hornsund Fjord in order to take out moorings (moored current profilers) from water that havr been deployed last year under polish - norwegian project AWAKE (the aim of the project is to describe Arctic Climate and characteristics of the Nordic Seas). This job is usually connected with a little dose of fear and doubts because you never know if the device will be taken out successfully.

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0607/2011 (comments: 0)


Longyearbyen – the capital of Svalbard, has approximately 2 000 inhabitants. This is coal mining and also airport. The name becomes from the American businessmen John Munroe Longyear, the main owner of the Arctic Coal Company of Boston, which developed the mining operation in what was called Longyear City, later the Norwegian Longyearbyen (byen in Norwegian means the town/city).

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0507/2011 (comments: 0)

Anchorage at Hornsund...

The captain is reporting: 20:11 Anchorage near Polish Polar Station. 'Oceania' sailed from Tromsoe to Honsund 2068Nm. Expected Time of Departure = ETD Hornsund today 16:00, Expected Time of Arrival = ETA Longyearbyen 6th July early morning.

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