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Meet Your Scientist - Blogs

With heart and mind committed to the sea: marine scientists report about their work on a new series of blogs.

The blogs offer a look behind the scences of marine science, a firsthand account of the job. It is also an opportunity for young people to contact the scientists directly and ask questions. Try it out yourself!

Daily work for a senior scientist

Peer Roos gives an insight into the every-day-work of a senior scientist at the radio isotope laboratory at the DTU... (only in English) 

When machine meets chemistry

Learn about the methods of determining anthropogenic radio-isotopes and their uses for marine science... (only in English) 

A trip to South Africa

Przemek Dąbek reports on his trip to South Africa and his diatom research... (only in English) 

Speciation analysis of Iodine-129 in aerosols

Luyaun Zhang is a PhD-Student at DTU and deals with the radioactive isotope I-129 not only in the air but also in the water ... (only in English) 

Meet a marine scientist

Dr. Teresa Radziejewska tells us about marine science... (only in English) 

Learning from Dolphins

Why Josefin Starkhammar has the "best job on the planet"... (only in English) 

Australian workshop

Attend a workshop in Australia with Diana Krawczyk... (only in English) 

Science Camp 2012

Follow us to the wonderful Curonian Spit in Lithuania... (only in English)

The Ocean Voyage

This blog tells about the work of the biologist Martin Karlsson... (only in English) 

Brown waters

This Blog shows the work of the biogeochemist Emma Kritzberg... (only in English)

Simple Sampling

This blog describes what needs to be considered when taking samples in the marine environment... (only in English)

How to balance the water and the team

Reporting on research conducted in the Curonian lagoon... (only in English)

r/v Merian off the African coast

The r/v Maria S. Merian wass operating in the coastal waters off the West African coast almost during the whole summer of 2011... (only in German)

Where the sea meets the river

Learn about differences between two lagoons.... (only in English)

r/v Oceania at Spitsbergen

On June 11th, our research vessel s/y OCEANIA left Gdansk for its next cruise to Spitsbergen.. (only in English)

r/v Ocean Surveyor

Follow marine geologists when they explore the sediments at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.... (only in English)

Hunting the Dust

Dr. Joanna Waniek is a Heisenberg Fellow at IOW. Read about her next cruise into the subtropical Atlantic. (only in English)

Keliang Shi blogs - Antarctic Expedition

In this blog, you can follow Keliang Shi on his expedition to Antarctica... (only in English)

From Warnemünde to the USA

A blog by Natalie Loick-Wilde, a young postdoc at the Leibniz Institute of Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde. (only in English)