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In the sea again

20.06.11, 11:36 (comments: 0)

The second day we started to perform the main program of the cruise's part - hydrographic investigation of the Norwegian, Greenland and western Barents Sea. We have a big plan - near 200 stations over the 12 regular sections during next whole month. Some stations are shallow - just 200 m, another are much deeper - even more than 3 km from the sea surface to the bottom. On the each station we lower a heavy rosette equiped with the CTD device (to measure temperature and salinity at depth levels), acoustic current meter, fluorometer and two oxygen meters. Moreover, we use couple of big bottles to collect samples in order to define nutrient and other 'chemical matters' content in the sea water.

Unfortunately, after just a few stations we discovered that the sea was not in such a good mood as we were... . Strong wind and waves made our measurements too dangerous for the equipment and for the people as well. Chief scientist decided to stop an operation and wait for better weather conditions.

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