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Drifting with the ice...

17.07.11, 11:13 (comments: 1)

Ok. Like I wrote before we have to manage with taking decisions. During last storm we decided to go to Hornsund Fjord. It was good decision because we finally have found our mooring, after a whole day of fight. What a joy was it. We had a holiday. It didn't last for a long time unfortunatelly. When we wanted to leave the fjord we encountered an obstacle - the sea ice. It was everywhere. We didn't have a way out thus we had to go back. Today it's the second day when we are drifting with the ice. It's a little scarry. I think that most of us didn't experience such a situation. Even then we started saying (for a joke) that if the conditions is not change soon we will have to start saving food. I think it will not be necessary. Now we are moving with the high speed :) - 1 knot forward. The only problem is if we get to Longyearbyen on time? Regards, Agnieszka.

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Comment by Barbara | 18.07.11

Well, that sounds like a real adventure! I cross my fingers that you get back safe and sound! Is the hull of your vessel made strong enough to cope the ice???

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