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Plankton and benthos collecting...

24.07.11, 10:41 (comments: 0)

In the fjords part, the areas of biological investigation are divided into two main types: plankton and benthos (bottom fauna). Furthermore, hydrological measurements are acquired to illustrate water masses distribution and
differences between a few fjords' systems.
The plankton samples are collected using multinet (a set of meshes being closed at different levels of depth). The amount of plankton organisms are also assess by the LOPC (Laser Optical Plankton Counter) called "the Fast Lopez " During plankton stations the water samples are collected as well. One for the nutrients and another for chlorophyll, which are filtering during the cruise. At the second type of stations the benthos samples are gathered using a scoop, then sorted, determinated and preserved.
Additionally, on the every station the CTD measurements are carried out, which state a background for the rest studies. Moreover, high resolution profiles are collected along and across the fjords with towed CTD system, called by us "the Fish". Regards from Agnieszka and also Ilona.

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