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Leaving fjords...

07.08.11, 14:00 (comments: 0)

'Fjords stages' were very busy and days were running around the same schedule: work, meals, sleeping time. We did  a lot of measurements on plankton and benthos stations. On plankton stations we took minimum 3 nets while using multinet 5 nets. Thenafter all samples were proper preserved. After the expedition the plankton team will spend long days in laboratories analyses the samples. We took also water samples for nutrients and phytoplankton measurements. Some samples of water which were filtered were frozen for further analyses on land.

Generally the fjord stage is over. Nine persons are going to pack themselves for over one month stay on board and are flying to Gdansk today. Instead two persons arrived. One from Gdansk University to collect plankton samples as much as possible on the ship way back Spitsbergen-Norway. The second person will disembark for Hornsund station tomorrow.

Agniesza: I am also packing. You can get use to it thus it would be nice to stay longer but I looking forward to the next adventure at the Hornsund station to make measurements by CTD in this fjord.

We can say that fjord stage completed succesfully. We fulfilled the scientific plan and even more. The new project WOW was developed by ecologists (plankton teams) which aim is to investigate the routes of auk feedings (along with ice border on Magdalenefjorden latitudes and more north direction).

I think all are very satisfied with the expedition, despite some problems on ocean part and weather. Now the time for going back home and in some extend to the world. We all won't forget this cruise!

Regards, Agnieszka

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